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Our commitment as a Private Label Manufacturer :

Private labeling / Contract manufacturing / Store brands

The emerging market growth in organized Indian retail market has shown opportunity and opened a new avenue for Contract manufacturer or Private label manufacturer.

Concept India Inc knows very-well that future of Store brands will account for one of every five items sold every day in Organized retail sector.

Indian Retail and are achieving new levels of growth every year.

For Indian consumers, store brands are brands like any other brands. As far as the product’s overall quality meets standards. Consumers defined store brands as "brands" and ascribed to them the same degree of positive product qualities and characteristics - such as guarantee of satisfaction, packaging, value, taste and performance - that they attribute to national brands. It's no surprise that store brands are held in such high esteem. They are a boon to consumers' pocketbooks and we are also proud to touch them indirectly !

Concept India Inc is one of the first few to radar these need of Organized Retailer in India and planned strategically tie-up with them. Concept India Inc emphasis on Private Label manufacturing has resulted in increased business and is in the process of augmenting its production capacities and international customer service infrastructure in anticipation of large volume increases from international Private Label business.

The main thrust and only focus is on Private Label manufacturing of Home care Products like Liquid Toilet Cleaner, Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Solid Toilet Block, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Bleach, laundry Bleach, Liquid laundry Detergent, Scouring Powder, Air-freshener, Glass Cleaner, Liquid Utensil Cleaner, Powder Utensil Cleaner.

We Believe in being :

A unique organization for a unique need of Private Labeling / Store Brand Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturing !

And being a preferred choice as private label manufacturer or as contact manufacture for cleaning products the Private Label Manufacturer in India !

Concept India Inc. - manufacture various strength of Toilet cleaner containing bleach based toilet cleaner, perfumed based toilet cleaner, acid based toilet cleaner. We supply cleaning products and also Toilet cleaner in bulk and various packing size of cleaning product.

As a private label manufacturer for Toilet cleaner or as a contact manufacturer for Toilet cleaner, we develop or manufacture liquid toilet cleaner as per store brand owner's requirements.

The store brand / Private Label busines is unique. It has its own needs and objectives.

We know how our Customer thinks about their Customer !

For the consumer, store brand / Private Label represent choice and the opportunity to regularly purchase quality food and non-food products at considerable savings compared to buying national brands, without relying on coupons or promotional pricing. Moreover, store brands are manufacture of the same or comparable ingredients as the national brands and because the store's name or symbol is on the packages. The consumer is assured that the product is manufactured to the store's quality standards and specifications.

What is assured from us when you do tie-up with us for Store brand Manufacturer / Private Label privacy ?

Concept India Inc understand and has done contract filling and private labeling for companies and we are very committed to our policy on privacy for our clients. We will sign an NDA with all new clients. This Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) should be sent to us before we issue any quote for any type of custom formulation or private labeling Manufacturer project. If you have additional documents that your company requires us to sign then we will need to review and approve those documents prior to starting your project.

Our commitment :
We are in position and equipped to customize formula which can be developed exclusively according to various parameters selected by our Private labeler/ Brand Owner manufacturer. We guarantee that it is safe for use of consumers; that it will be stable on the shelf of a retail outlet. We will perform on all batch lots and test copies can be provided for an additional per product. Challenge Testing, Certificates of Analysis are also possible for an additional service depending on the product and test perimeters.

Production :
When you are ready to bring your new product to market, the production facility you chose must be flexible enough to handle the job and subsequent increased production. Our stock or custom formulations allow you to focus on the simple task of selling your products, without the hassle of actually making them.

Quality Assurance :
The quality MUST be assured. All our ingredients are QA/QC checked to insure purity and potency prior to manufacturing and all formulas are tested for proof of potency and stability and Our QA/QC team stays vigilant in their search for better ways to ensure the highest quality product.

Labeling Rights :
Your labels must be in compliance with current and ongoing regulations in advance. If you need us to review your labels, feel free to email the proofs (they must be the ready to print proof, not an email with just the text) to us before you have them printed. We are happy to review them for free for anyone purchasing our products or services, but you have the final responsibility for meeting all federal, state and local requirements on your labels. We can offer a short run digital printing of labels on both clear and white stock for those interested in short run label production. Minimum 100 per label. Contact us for details or samples. We do offer Graphics Design work should you need help creating your labels, logos or product marketing materials.

What's in our products?

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